~ Friends Are Love ~

I say I love you, which I mean is true
Nobody will ever be just like you.
It's a feeling that not very many get
As close to true love, this I bet.

Just to be able to hold you, would excite
Feelings of companionship, it would ignite.
To know you are there, when my life is down
Will always make a smile out of a frown.

May not be lovers, though dreams come true
Having you in my life, is the best I can do.
You by yourself, is more than my life does need
As with my love, you share what I do feed.

I pray you may find someone as I have done
One that cares that you are a special one.
A shoulder to cry on, when nothing seems right
One that will show you love, one true light.


Gary Salter 2005

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