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From His Home on High

I dreamt I saw Jesus coming back
On heavenly clouds on high;
I saw the moon turn to blood,
And the sun refused to give its light;
I saw the stars falling from the sky;
It was a grand and fearful sight.

Humankind was not prepared
For this awesome day,
I saw famines and earthquakes world wide,
I saw the seas roaring and billowing,
Nations and kingdoms are at war;
There’s nowhere to hide,

Before His wondrous return
I saw families and mankind’s love turn cold
Toward one another;
Friend betrayed friend,
Brother betrayed brother,
This was just the beginning of the end;

Children rose up against their parents
Taking their lives away;
But be not dismayed,
The Holy Scripture’s tell us:
Those who pledge their allegiance to Him,
And endure to the end will be saved
When they see Him returning
With great power and glory on that
Resplendent hallelujah day

Mark 13 KJV
Acts 2: 19-21

© Janice Bumbalough Marler
September 5, 2006

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