When Someone Knows Us From Within

As down this path of life we walk
Our mark upon this world making
Our steps may not be what we always want
Some make dreams, others our heart breaking

But when the end of life comes about
And we have no more breath to take
The impression we have made upon this world
Is left there where nothing can break

Some of our loved ones and friends we meet
Will know us from the inside out
Others will know only what we want them to
Not really what we are all about

But if upon this earth we happen to meet
Someone we allow deep inside our heart
Someone with whom we share all ourselves
A someone we hope will never from us part

We should consider ourselves truly blessed
This person if we have ever found
Because we know that with someone in our life
Our inner beings and hearts have truly been bound

Ethel GG Kent 2005
Ethel's Love Poetry


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