~ Garden Angel ~

Just as the sun arose
I felt the coolest breeze
So I slipped into the garden
A few dewdrops
There to tease

As I meandered through the fragrance
I imagined that I heard
A footstep on the path
I thought I spied a glimmer
I felt it in my heart

A pretty rose then caught my eye
I leant down to breathe it in,
Then I felt it wafting by again
A presence in my garden
Like someone there unseen

I'm sure I heard a little giggle
As I glanced this way and that
A gentle rustling in the leaves
Oh, it made me feel so glad
As upon a shady bench I sat

I whispered as I pondered
Warmed by God's glistening rays
And there just slipping out of view
I'm sure I spied a pretty angel
In my heart, I knew that it was you

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

A friend can still feel loved even from afar
Friends are sent from God to our heart
You are truly a dear angel to me.


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