~ Garden That Goes On Forever ~

Just as the plants need the sun
Hearts need a different kind of one
To keep us honest in all we endeavor
Growing a garden that goes on forever.

It was planted before we were born
With love coming in many forms
The love the Lord gave us just to start
As well the love felt from other's hearts.

The friends made throughout our lives
Our peers have taught us wrong from right
From scriptures read on grandma's lap
To the ones that you played with, out back.

Through the years taking the best we were given
Creating a garden of love, one truly living
Nurtured by friendships earned on the way
Even after you are gone, still it will stay.

As the seeds planted with our Lord's grace
Like the one's sown by only memories face
It is what we shared with those we touch
Keeps this garden growing beyond just us.

Keep this garden tended, weed it everyday
As this garden just may be heaven's way
The garden of heaven is built here on earth
Going on forever starting with the very first.


Gary Salter 2005

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