~ In My Garden With God ~

I go for a walk thru my garden
In the very first light of day
While the fresh dew kisses,
Still on the flowers do lay

A rising sun brings a sparkle
To make each one of them glow
It's a beautiful, nature wonderland
out here, where God's flowers grow

I believe it's just what God wants
Among these flowers there's peace
I take this time, to pray to Him
My pain and sorrow release

Then I have a blessed day,
For all is well with my soul,
I'd taken that time, to talk to Jesus
As thru my garden I strolled

I now started on into my day
So happy and filled with His spirit
Since I'd been in touch with Jesus
When "He" speaks to me this day,
I will hear it!

Betty Hill 2005



 Midi "My Guiding Light"
2004 Matthew Drollinger and
is used with written permission

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