~ Girl In The Moon ~

I am the girl in the moon
I'll tell you everything you need to know
Just ask me any questions
I'll set your face aglow.

I'll light up your darkest night
I'll smile for you and send you love
Just look up in the night time sky
I am the girl in the moon, high above.

The Good Lord has put me here for a reason
I'll watch over you every night
I'm one of his many angels
Look up at me and behold my sight.

I am the girl in the moon
I shine bright just like the stars
The Lord is here by my side
We're near to you, not far.

I am the girl in the moon
Look closely and my face you will see
I'm always awake, I never sleep
Your care has been entrusted to me.

Do you have any questions?
I'll try to answer them all
I care so very much for you
I'm here at your beckon call.

I am here every single night
The angel of the sun will arrive soon
So if you need me, know I am here
I am the girl up in the moon.

Chee Chee Martin 2005

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