~ Glory Came Calling ~

Glory came a calling
Early, one Easter morn
The dawning of a new day
When pureness was born

It started on Good Friday
With suffering, and strife
And it ended Easter morning
With a new emboldened life

Our imperfections washed as white
The day that Jesus rose
We were forever healed
Blanketed with sinless clothes

Though He suffered three days earlier
And many tears fell to the ground
He came back from deaths door
T'was then Eternal Life, was found

Shed blood, red with suffering
Came swiftly for the Son
But once His tomb was empty
There was new life for everyone

No more crying out with anguish
No more scared, and full of fright
His suffering was made perfect
With Easter's dawning light

No more running from a blackened heart
Lost no more, but forever found
Jesus showed us all His love
When he rose again, on sacred ground

Glory came a calling
One early Easter morn
With dawning of a new day
The world forever was reborn

Debbie Looney 03/20/2008

Penny Parker, Artist
Luvdalot Graphics & Design
~ Music ~ Great Faithfulness Christian ~

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