~ Go And Be Filled ~

I asked for help today; I was pat on the back,
“Go and be filled.”
the ‘Christian’ replied. I was turned away.

“I desperately need someone to assist;
I have no transportation, and my Doctors await.”
“You need to stop making Doctors a habit.
It’s difficult enough finding time in our busy day.
We can help this week,
but then you'll need to find another way.”

How could this healthy person
possibly understand?
I cry. Only God knows.
If only this ‘Christian’ knew how
badly it makes me feel
when upon others my needs I impose.

“Go and be filled.”

I’m getting on in years;
my physical body doesn’t do
the youthful things it did before.
Age will quickly wrap it’s arms around you,
And inflictions will speak audibly
in a language you can’t ignore.

“If only you had a vehicle,
your mental outlook would rebuild.”
What part of, “I c-a-n-‘t a-f-f-o-r-d a car
doesn’t she understand?
With a pat on the back, she implied,
“Go and be filled.”

How easy it is to judge another when
they’ve not walked through your door?
Perhaps they don’t understand what ‘Disabled’
and ‘Poverty Level” stand for.
“I can help you this time,
but I want you to know
it’s going to be quite a chore.”

I thought it was my ‘Christian’ friends
upon whom I could rely.
My children live far, far away,
and my neighbors work all day.
With a pat on the back, “It’ll be alright.”
Then they said, “I have faith in you, and you’ll get by.”

Check me if I’m wrong, but didn’t I understand Jesus to say,
“If you see a brother or sister in need
of food or clothing, (or any other kind of necessity),
and you say, “Well good-bye and God bless you;
stay warm and eat well”
(James 2:15 New Living Translation)
Who will God hold accountable on Judgment Day?
The person in need,
Or the ‘Christian’ that turned them away?


Janice Bumbalough Marler © 2005

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