~ God Bless The Children  ~

Welcome to this world
Little boys and girls
Like precious gems from heaven
To a family you are given

May they treat you real, real good
Raise you as God said they should
You're like diamonds and like pearls
Precious boys and beautiful girls

Bless the family that you are born to
May they see the value God put in you
May they train you in His Word
Introduce you to the Lord

May the purpose of your birth
Be established in the earth
Bringing Glory to the Master
For all time and ever after

As we bless you on this day
I pledge to help you find your way
To realize the Master's plan
When He placed you in our hand

You will be a shining gem
As you always walk with Him
This is a taste of purest joy
to parent one little girl or boy

When the Master walked on earth
long ago before your birth
It was plain so all could hear
Bring my little children near

As He held them on His Knee
Said these little ones belong to me
Except you become as one of them
A heavenly home you'll never win

So grandma and grandpa, mom and dad
Don't you ever treat them bad
Give them all the best of care
Love them much, that's why they're here

Children are our heritage
God spoke this of them
They truly are our little gems
So bring them up to honor Him


Yolanda Cohen and Betty Hill

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