~ Goddess of Love ~

Just the thought of your touch sends shivers down my spine
To hold you in my arms brings such feeling divine
The taste of your tender lips is sweeter than honey
The feel of your soft flesh on mine and a dark day is sunny

Your voice is like a rare song from angels in heaven
A smile that makes even the worst day so pleasant
Your dark exotic eyes with one look seem to hypnotize
My heart takes wing, just knowing you're alive

When awake I feel as if I am still in a dream
To have you in this world is more to me than it seems
The thought of your love takes me to heights unknown
Forever will I cherish the fact that together we have grown

My goddess of love is what you have become to me
There is no one in this world that could compare to thee
There are no words that could say it so true
But my dear all I can say is that I love you

Gary Salter 25/05/05




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