~ God Plays Beautiful Music ~

God plays beautiful music for all the world to hear
I hear the tune of His sweet melody
If you listen you can hear it
Drifting in the air that we breathe

Beautiful music skips all across the meadows
In the park and flowers too
Even the butterflies feel it
As they fly in the sky so blue

Yes, God is a Master Player
He plays music of all kinds
I hear the angels sing
As they make up their little rhyme

God plays the best music
You could ever hear
At night the stars are dancing
To the wonder that is there

The world sings all the songs
Our God made for you and me
God gave us a gift
In all the things we hear and see

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Midi is used with permission
2002 Bruce DeBoer

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