God Said
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~ God Said ~

God said, believe in me
No matter what you are told
God said, lean on me
When you're tired, and old

God said, pray often
But prayer has been taken away
God said, I will heal you
Now belief in miracles, teeter & sway

God said, take my hand
But most times, we go it alone
God said, stay close to me
But we tend to forget this, when grown

God said, "Go & sin no more!"
But we stay living in darkness, and muck
God said, I forgive you
But then within our sins, we still feel stuck

Even though God has told us all this, & more
Why do we tend to live, as we are?
Why can't we just believe in Him?
Then from Him, we won't wander far

Instead we wallow in misery, and gloom
Even though the door is opened wide
Instead of running to Jesus
We tend to always run & hide

When will we all stop running,
And lying to ourselves, as we do?
Just walk right up to Jesus
And believe His words are true


Debbie Looney 2006




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