God had a very special message
To deliver where He willed,
So He formed a tender little heart
Who could His plan fulfill.

He wrapped His love into a gift
To present His kiss to you,
A cherub blossom to unfold
Your gentle hearts to woo.

She would be full of sunshine
With sparkling sweet blue eyes,
A cute face framed in pretty curls
An angel in disguise.

But could you know you had been chosen
To receive such pure delight,
That God had sent you of His heart
A touch of heaven's light.

For when He carried her on home
There remained this lasting glow,
And then you understood her secret
An angel you had known.

She came to give her loving heart
In pure delight while here,
And still her giggles can be heard
By all those she is near.
Yet, if hearts are hushed to hear the secret
To believe all that is true,
Might we still see her pouring angel tea
Overflowing love for me and you.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005



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  Artwork By Valerie Tabor Smith Webset Designed by Spiritisup