~ God's Glory Lights ~

In the framing of the moments
As the cold chill seeps within
A hand of fear ensnares
Of all tomorrow brings

You cry, you sob in heartbreak
No strength to draw within
You know you can't survive
The struggle this will mean

You fall....softly...gentle whispers
Come out of no-where, in the why...
A little glowing ember
A tiny breath of life

God's glory lights are flickering
Just one, then two or three
You never dreamt from where they'd come
Or that they'd even be

For it's not until the darkest night
O'ershadows every spark
That the glory lights begin to show
Their sparkle in the dark

What miracles of wonder
When mysterious love is shown
Unfolding from the vaults of heaven
To know we're not alone

There is no heart too broken
That heaven cannot bear
There are no deepest secrets
God doesn't long to share

There are no unknown 'morrows
Without His perfect care
There are no lonesome valleys
For He's already there

His glory lights are the premiere


Softest Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006


Earth hath no sorrow
heaven cannot heal
~ Thomas Moore ~


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