As I stood and watched
 The darkness t
ake over the light,
Our bright sunny day
Had now turned into night.

I saw the wonder of an awesome God,
Who has the world in His hand,
As He turned off the sun
And gave the moon command.

He sprinkled the sky with stars,
Oh, so many over here and there,
As I viewed the heavens
Twinkling stars were everywhere.

My heart began to race,
My soul filled up with joy,
'Cause He allowed me to see,
His wonders and His glory.

Then my mind remembered,
How it was with man,
When He came to earth,
And brought salvation's plan.

He took away the darkness,
And filled us with His light,
A wonderful miracle too,
Like turning the day into the night.

Betty Hill 2005


Midi "Too Near" by Yuko Ohigashi
2003 used with permission

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