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~ God's Masterpiece ~

If ever you are lonely
Or feel you do not have a friend
Remember God is beside you,
Until the very end.
You see God made us His masterpiece
One I give thanks for
He made the miracle of life
To go on forevermore

There were times I would sit and wonder
Why we all were born
I thought of the beauty a newborn baby gives
And knew God has a plan for us
In this universe of His
It may not seem so at the time
But this masterpiece of God
Is His miracle of love
That He calls mankind

A mother feels it in her baby
Or some feel it in their heart
Yet no matter how it happens
It is where a mother
Plays a special part

We think of a lonely couple
Who pray to God each night
Talking to their baby
As if they feel it is their right
Then there is a mother
About to have her first
"As she cries...Dear God,
Thank you for the miracle of birth"

All of us as people, come with just one goal
To make a masterpiece of what God has foretold.
So when you wonder at the stars each night
How God blessed every one
Realize you too are a promise
And God's work in you will be done.

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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