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~ God's Peaceful Cove ~

God reached for my hand
Said come and walk with me
I have a peaceful cove
I want to share with thee
I reached back to Him
Put my hand in His hand
Followed as He led me
To a beautiful wonder land
Peaceful little brooks
Flowing gently on and on
Nothing but pure sunshine
All the shadows are now gone

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There's no sadness, pain or woe
Just a glorious day to see
A place of perfect rest
Is what was there for me
He knew I'd been so burdened
Had compassion on my soul
Shared with me the splendor
Of His peaceful little cove

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This is the King of Kings
That walked along with me
Showed me how he cared
He will to do the same for thee
So will you come and walk
By the side of One so dear
As He holds you close to Him
Gives you peace instead of fear
Share's His peaceful cove
As only He can do
You'll never be the same again
Once He's walked along with you

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Midi Sequence (P) 2002 Lee Kurt Holder

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