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~ God's Purpose In Nature ~

With my face tilted upward,
The spring rains gently fall,
I catch a drop in my mouth,
I don't mind these rains at all.

Blue Flowers

These good spring rains,
That make the flowers bloom,
To color all of nature,
Chasing away winter's gloom.

Soft breezes move the trees,
And add their touch to the rain,
It's a cycle that God planned,
To wake up nature once again.

Yellow Tulips

God put it all in motion,
And as time goes on and on,
Each spring we view it all,
Flowers, green grass, and thorns.

Each has it's purpose for being,
So don't frown on the thorn,
It's always been a protection,
Keeps flowers from being tread upon.

Blue Flowers

Betty Hill 2005

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