~ Golden Years? ~

Excuse me 'cause I have trouble hearing
My eyesight is going too
My body makes sounds I've never heard before
It's the Golden Years I'm going through.

Don't poke and make fun of your elders
Your day is approaching fast
The time will come when YOU have trouble
Remembering what you did in the past.

You'll squint your eyes to try and focus
You'll have people repeat things twice
You'll think there's something wrong with THEM
But that's when you'll be paying the price.

I know we should all age gracefully
But c'mon now, give me a break
Does anyone really look forward to this
How much are we suppose to take!

Do your joints sound like a well known cereal
'Cause mine snap, crackle, and pop
They have a language all their own
Oh how I wish they'd just stop!

When you rise out of bed each morning
Do you do it slowly and in stages
Waiting for your body to adjust
Waiting for the final phases.

The aches and pains announce themselves
In varying forms and degrees
One will knock your socks right off
While another one will knock you to your knees.

These Golden Years are not really golden
I don't know who told you that
Obviously it was someone who is young
And he or she didn't have all the facts.


Chee Chee Martin 2005


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Dick Anderson

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