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~ Haiku Part XXVII ~

Caught in God's rapture
A Lark pours it's soul on the
Grass of the meadow.

Grass of the meadow
Sways gently in Nature's dance
With soft summer winds

With soft summer winds
Comes the aroma of life
Sweet as new honey.

Sweet as new honey
and yet strong as a lion
The passions of love...

The passions of love
Are like a broken gas line
Awaiting a spark

Awaiting a spark
often triggers hot tempers
Igniting anger...

Igniting anger
And moving to new targets...
The busy gossip

The busy gossip
rides her broom of gloom and doom
Where evil soon blooms...

Where evil soon blooms
Misery is yet faster
To send up it's sprouts

To send up it's sprouts
An age old struggle begins
As progress unfolds

As progress unfolds
Little demons pop up
Between the creases

Between the creases
of a care worn, weathered brow
Lies a life's story

Lies a life's story
Upon the bed of our years
Made by our own hands

Made by our own hands
in self wrought predicaments
With no one to blame...!

With no one to blame...
Look in a mirror. Voila !!
There is the culprit.

There is the culprit
With lies and misdeeds revealed
Truth reigns triumphant

Truth reigns triumphant
As long as it's louder than
The big mouthed liars.

The big mouthed liars
leave destruction in their wake
As they shatter lives...

As the shatter lives
Drug dealers bank their money
Laughing all the while

Laughing all the while
Hungry Hyenas gather
Ready for the hunt...!

Ready for the hunt
And the prizes are in sight
Peace, good will and hope.

Peace, good will and hope
could bring Nations together
Uniting mankind...

& Barbara LaBarbera


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