The snow of winter may have come
With all it's bitter wind
But I am snug and warm
'Cause your lovin's deep within

I may have need of cap and mittens
To fight off old Jack Frost
But my heart's already warm
For your lovin' hits the spot

My cheeks may be aglow
From all the freezing cold
But inside I will ever shine
For your lovin's in my soul

My toes may be frost bitten
From scrunching to and fro
But a warmth protects my heart
From a happy friend I know

I may bundle up in coat and scarf
With little you can see
But my secret smile will never dim
For your love's inside of me

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Up rose the wild old winter-king,
And shook his beard of snow;
"I hear the toll of friendship ring,
'Tis time for me to go!
Far north I'll blow o'er icy rocks,
I'll leave by way of sea,
For one now comes with sunny locks:
This land's too warm for me!"
~Charles Godfrey Leland~


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