~ Harvest Moon ~

A harvest moon was hanging
in a sky of midnight blue
And it was under that harvest moon
when you first said "I love you".

It wasn't to long after that
when we tied the knot
It was one of the best things in our lives
something we haven't forgot.

The years have wore on
so terribly fast it seems
but long enough for us to share
our most important dreams.

Now as we near our twilight years
our love for each other has grown
To me it is the most precious time
that I have ever known

Tomorrow isn't promised to us
so to each other we should say
"My heart is filled with love for you,
as it was in yesterday"

So tonight as I look at the Harvest Moon
hanging high above
I remember all the good times I've shared
with my one and only love.

The only love I am speaking of
is the only one in my life
The love that came into my heart
when he asked me to be his wife.


DeVota H.Littrell 2005

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