~ Heart Alone ~
Standing alone, just an empty shell
Stories of old, if only I could tell
Love once walked these hallways, now hollow
Full of laughter, of all that did follow.
Empty it stands, waiting 'til time says enough
Though work at the time, made it so rough
Stands like a rock, just overlooking time
Of the ghosts of the past, who shared my wine.

Singing still echoes through the bare halls
Laughter of children, on deaf ears now fall
Emptied by lies, the moat, open and dry
Not an insect is heard, in the night sky.
No need for walls, for naught left to hide
The future has nothing, left to provide
Live on the memories, of those festive days
When traffic was passing, through those open gates.

A heart alone, is not as you think
Memories it holds, not missing a blink
As a castle of yore, people's essence remain
Love's of the past, still sing their refrain.
The heart left alone, can so lonely be
Only the past, is all you may see
No future ahead, another mountain to scale
Love's of the past, will not let me fail.

Gary Salter 2005

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