~ Heaven's Whispers ~

Heaven often whispers
it’s truths into your ear;
showing you the path,
but oft' you do not hear.

You think it is your thought,
so you wipe it all away.
You have other ideas
on what to do today.

Then sometimes in the night,
you are taken in your dreams;
you see a Heavenly light,
you are drawn into it's beam.

It leads you to a place
of peaceful, quiet repose,
in the valleys of heaven,
where clear waters flow.

There in that moment
your soul is renewed,
as the spirit returns
to whisper it's truths.

You wake in the morning
with tears in your eyes,
you walk to the window
and look at the skies.

And just for a moment,
as the sun lights the land
you see in the clouds
a Heavenly hand.

Forrest Phelps-Cook © 2005
Reflections From The Heart

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