~ He Forgave Me ~

Lord as I am here at your feet
Asking forgiveness for my sin
Help me leave them all with you
Never to touch one again

So that I may walk along
In forgiveness, you have granted me
Made me whole, opened my eyes
Now dear Lord, I clearly see

It is your will that matters most
Not what I want to do
For I was made to serve you Lord
And I am so happy walking with you

I have so much joy and peace
Since you became the one I adore
So Lord, please keep holding my hand
You're the one, I'll always be working for

I know, oh Lord, there's much work
Now that it's harvest time
So I will go into your fields
And lost souls I'll help to find

So I can present them unto you
As the fruit that will remain
Gather them with great care
Totally committed to you, In Jesus name

Betty Hill 2005










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