~ He Is My Everything ~

If I had the words in my power
To describe my "Jesus" to you
I'd begin this very moment
So you would enjoy "Him" too.

"He" is so many things to me
And "I" such a small little mortal
Can't ever find all the descriptive words
But one of them is "ETERNAL".

So this day as I asked myself
Which word would I choose if I must?
Only one word comes to mind
"HOLY" is the one I'd say first.

"Great" is another I'd speak
For there is no greater than "HE"
"Just" is now in my thoughts
That, "HE" will always be.

But the word I choose as I ponder
Is "LOVE" that cover's so much
In this small little mind I have
I now see the word "TRUST".

"HE" is just my "EVERYTHING"
I could never completely describe
But I'm sure of this my friend
My heart is "HIS", "HE" dwells inside.

"HE" is "LIGHT" for all who believe
In "HIM" there's no darkness at all
Let "HIM" be your "EVERYTHING"
"HE" will dwell in your heart if you call

Betty Hill 2005

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