Hello, Dear friend Of Mine
It seems like such a long time
Since we have had a nice long talk
The ones in the past, I will remember for all time
They are among the fondest memories of mine.

With your kind heart you always listened to me
Made it possible a better outlook on life to see
When nights were long and lonely
So many times you have helped to dry
My tear stained eyes.

I will never forget you, my friend
I will remember all the times when
In my most difficult of times
You so lovingly stood by me
Always there, I knew you would be.

Just wanted you to know, dear precious one
GOD certainly blessed me, when HE gave me you
To be in my life, that special needed friend
In my heart, forever I will love and treasure you
To our friendship,
There will never be an end.

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 2005


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