~ Hero ~

In my eyes you're a Hero,
And yes you stand tall.
That uniform looks so good,
And I know you'll give your all.

You prepare for battle,
Far away from home.
Distant shores will take you,
To where you prepare to roam.

You will fight for Freedom,
To keep this country free.
Oh how proud you've made,
Your Daddy, and me.

I pray the Lord will guide you,
As you go off to war.
But I just can't wait,
'Till you walk back through our door.

Oh how time has passed,
From childhood you quickly grew.
Now I'm looking at an adult,
Fighting for the red, white and blue.

It was by your choice to,
Serve the country that you love.
Father please watch over,
This child, from above.

No matter what happens,
Proud we'll always be.
My child is a Hero,
As they fight for you and me.

Should you die in battle,
Yes, the thought crosses my mind.
Instead of mourning deeply,
It's your courage I hope to find.

So yes you are my Hero,
And yes you do stand tall.
God , Please don't let this,
Precious Soldier, take a fall.


Brenda King 2006
Dedicated to the Mothers, Fathers, Families,
And those Hero's of ours !!
God Bless the USA !!




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