Purest honey
Sweetest one
You are the one for me,
Huggable, irresistible
My honey you shall be.

Softest one,
Tender heart
That only beats for me,
Comfortable, companionable
The one I want to see.

Cutest one
To make me laugh
The perfect one for me,
Valuable, my miracle
For all eternity.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2005

Teddy Bear Kisses
Teddy Bear Hugs
Warm, Fuzzy Feeling
Of Teddy Bear Love
A Heart Made Of Honey
A Soul Just As Sweet
Is What Makes Up A Teddy
From His Head To His Feet
So Be Kind To Teddies
They Will Bring You Much Bliss
A Heart Filled With Love
Topped With A Teddy Bear Kiss
~Author Unknown~

Teddy Bears are for cuddlin' and luvin'.



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