~ Hope ~

Bring me some hope, I pray as I call
For all that I need, bring peace to my soul
How can I lose hope, I wish I could climb
The biggest mountain, to hold me up high

I think of the sick, the dying, before me
Hope is all I need, my whole life I lean
On the branch of a tree, please I pray give
Strength, gladness, hope that is free


Read of hope that never ends
in this, a Greek Legend

The people of the land did not have to work
All they needed grew on trees
There was much happiness to go around
Enough for you and me

There was a girl who received a pretty box
She was told to never open the lock
Sometimes she saw a face, a voice tempting her play
"Dear daughter, please open me today".


One day as the girl walked inside her home.
Again she heard "Dear daughter, open me"
She could not help herself
And opened wide the box to see

Suddenly all the germs of the world
Swarmed out and made people very sick
Then, after all the bad angels left the box
There was a light, right at the base of it

Out came a pretty angel, and the girl,
Asked who she was
"My name is hope,
Now the germs have entered earth
I am here so no matter how bad things are
There is hope-one angel who can help


When people have hope in their lives
Miracles can happen
That is how God made the world
Never forget hope turns bad to good, you will see
No one can live without hope
God was wise when He made me

Because of what you have done
No more will food bloom freely on trees
Now, you must work to grow your food
But, remember if you call my name
The wind will carry hope to you"


Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet


Midi 1997 by Marty Fancher

Brought to you by www.spiritisup.com 2008