~ A Horseback Ride In Autumn ~

Hearing the crinkle of leaves from the horseís hooves
Just a nip in the air with the scent of leaves
This is a refreshing time of year
With all of Godís nature itís easy to believe

Today itís sunny and all shines around
Gorgeous colors with an azure crystal sky
Windy now, and then as we pass a sparkling creek
Noticing the geese with their quacking as they fly

A jaunt on horseback is really quite a treat
Of course they are a lot of work to keep
Cleaning the horse, and stables, feeding
So worth it for the love they repay with just a leap

As the leaves rustle we are passing the outline of a forest
Lucky to see a group of deer passing gingerly on their feet
Pine scent is more pungent this time of year
Deeper into the forest they all did retreat

Returning, it became darker and cloudy
Rain began to pour as we headed for the stable door
Itís that time of year where weather changes quick
Hunger filled our stomachs, but we couldnít ask for more

We enjoyed the day, and warmed by the fire
Darkness fell so quickly just in time to feed the dogs
Enjoying a glass of wine after dinner was real fine
Keeping warm, and placing a few more logs

  Joyce Ann Geyer © 2006

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us
rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24



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