~ How Do You Get To Heaven? ~

How do you get to Heaven
Is it beyond the moon and stars
Is it where the butterflies go
Or near the brooks and streams
How do you get to Heaven
To see what you have always dreamed

How do you get to Heaven
To see the light of the sun
How do you find your happiness
Knowing it was meant to be
All the while wishing
You could find what you need

How do you get to Heaven
Is it higher than a rainbow
Will there be flowers and meadows
Gardens beautiful to view
May I walk with Jesus
To live my life anew

How do I get to Heaven
Will Jesus appear to me
Will He tell me He has always loved me
And He wants to be one with me

I think I know how to get to Heaven
It is right in front of my sight
I only have to smile at Jesus, to say yes to His love..
For heaven is in His eyes

Linda Ann Henry 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

God will not lose heart! From creation to now,
God has never given up on His children and He never will.
He is constantly loving, constantly caring, constantly creating ways to remind us that He is there
and He is aware, achingly aware of our hearts and our desperate need for Him.
He sent His Son, a sign of his utter, total, reckless heart of love
that would do anything to woo us back into His arms.
~ K Walden ~

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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell


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