~ How Many Tomorrows ~

They say time heals all wounds
How many times we say tomorrow at noon
A good old, oh yeah, got to get around to that
How long can we expect our time is going to last.

Mend your fences before they're replaced by walls
Be the first one that will make the call
Help a stranger when they need their car pushed
Don't forget the road to heaven can't be rushed.

Most of all are the people that you love
How often today have you given them a hug
Said thank you for all they have helped in your life
Said sorry for the things that just weren't right.

How many tomorrows are we left, in time
Is it long enough to make all wrongs right?
If we do wait to fix it in the morning late
There is only one who knows if we will wake.


Gary Salter İ 2006


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