The Outpouring

~ How Much Do I Love You ~

How much do I love you?
How much love can there be?
How much sand is in the desert?
How many drops are in the sea?

How many tears fall from
A widow's sad and lonely eyes?
How many "Angel Dreams" are in
A newborn baby's sighs?

How much air is in the wind
That blows the clouds around?
How many notes are in a birdsong
That a flock of songbirds sound?

How long can this love last?
How strong can this love be?
How many minutes are in a lifetime?
How many seconds in eternity?

How strong is God's love when
He holds you so very tight?
Or a young mother's love when
Her child cries out at night?

My love for you is unconditional.
Always has been and is still.
I'll love you till God's love runs out;
And we know it NEVER will!


Lynn King 2005
dedicated To my Admiral

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