I just can't imagine, how these people must feel,
Is it a dream, Oh No, this is very real.
Katrina came through, roaring like a lion,
Taking everything, leaving nothing behind !

She had no mercy, as her winds rushed through,
Soon the rain became another force, to deal with too.
This Hurricane grew as it approached dry land,
Mother Nature out of control led by satan's hand.

These people were warned, but couldn't believe,
The powerful storm, they were about to receive.
These people had dealt with Mother Nature before,
Just another storm, some of them chose to ignore.

Some of these people had no way to leave,
Were forced to stay , and now they grieve.
There was Mothers, Fathers, Grand Parents too,
Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, but nothing anyone could do.

The fury of Mother Nature's wrath, dealt a hard blow,
No place, for any of these people to go.
They watched loved ones die, no words can explain,
How these people are left, numb with the pain.

With courage and strength , and God up above,
And a Nation who's pouring out, so much Love,
They will rebuild, city's and homes torn apart,
And time will ease those, with grieving heart.

You're not alone, in your time of desperation,
Everyone reaches out to you, from this good Nation.
Donations coming in from far and wide,
This county will stand, close by your side.

One Nation Under God, pulling together again,
Amid a natural disaster to help out a friend.
Katrina or terrorist, no matter, what it might be,
This Nation stands together, Forever Free !!

Brenda D King Sept. 3-2005

God Bless all of the Survivors,
Give them the Strength and Courage,
They need to go on..
Show them they live in a Nation, that Does Care !!
And remember this, to make a Great Nation,
it starts at the Hearts of the People,
and it's the people who make the Nation !! Amen..






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