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God bless the hurting hearts...
The walking wounded souls...
Bring peace unto them Lord,
With graciousness untold.

Let them mend in such a way
Their lives will overcome...
The pain and suffering they know,
The desperateness of some.

Let Your angels kiss the wounds,
And bring them peace again...
Bless the hearts who cry at night,
Allow the healing to begin.

Hold those hearts within Your hands,
That feel so tossed and torn...
The helpless and, the hopeless,
Let spirits be reborn.

Bless the hurting hearts, My Lord...
Bless souls so wracked with pain...
Too overcome with weariness,
To try to start again.

Let them see Your sunset
With faith enough to try,
To find the answers that they seek...
When teardrops have run dry.

Hold them in Your gentle hands,
And wipe away their tears...
Give them comfort, will to know,
You're there when they have fears.

God bless the hurting hearts,
The souls in so much pain...
Let them see the sunrise
With faith to start again.

Janeane Bolton 2003
used with permission

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