~ I Could Hear ~

Last night I was sitting, outside in my swing,
Listening to those nightingales sing.
I could see the sky was so full of stars,
And from the freeway, I could hear the sound of cars.

I could hear the crickets, I was watching the fireflies,
I was thinking about love and family ties.
Everything that makes this world go round,
Came to my mind, in thought or sound.

I could hear the grandkids running through the house,
I could even hear the squeaking of the little field mouse.
The fragrance of wildflowers just filled the air,
As I sat enjoying the nectar of a juicy pear.

The old dog, he lay asleep close at my feet,
This night full of blessings, oh what a treat.
Indeed I have so much to be thankful for,
God has truly blessed me, that's for sure.

I hear the family calling, things have settled down,
It's time to read the Bible, so everyone gather round.
We grab a little blanket, snug like a bug,
As we sit in front of the fireplace, on a old worn out rug.

We read about the birth of Christ , the grandkids are all ears,
You can see they are really listening, as their eyes fill with tears.
"Why grandma, why did they nail him to a tree,
And you say he died there for everyone, even you and me."

I wrapped my arms around them and I held them tight,
Heaven came alive, in our house tonight.
It's time to go to bed now, let's not forget to pray,
And thank God for this wonderful Love filled day !!

Brenda D King 2005

God Bless You, enjoy this day,
 Live it to the fullest,
Yesterday is gone,
Today is alive, and Tomorrow,
Well We Are Not Promised a Tomorrow !!


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