~ If Only ~   

Sometimes in this busy, busy world
We fail to see the tears behind
The eyes that are as clear as Godís blue skies,
We are selfish and unkind;
Evil words spill over and out the mouth
Contaminating our very soul;
We do not considerate of the feeling of mankind
As we spew our anger upward and outward,
Words welling up from the darkest crater of our mind;

If only I had prayed before I opened my mouth,

The scriptures tell us the tongue
Is not tamable;
We put bits in the mouth of the horse
To lead him wherever we want him to go,
Huge ships are turned by a small helm,
In waves that toss to and fro,

If only I had prayed before I opened my mouth,

King David asked God to avenge him
Of his enemies,
As He will avenge us of our enemies;
According to the Psalms:
Those who dig pits for others
Will fall into their own depths of despair,
The wicked lay awake at night
Plotting the demise of those who are good,
Those who love the light.

If only I had prayed before opening my mouth,


Janice Bumbalough Marler © 2005




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