Christmas is a magical time,
In the eyes of a little child.
But as adults we forget about,
The Holy Infant so tender and mild.
Instead, we get carried away,
With tinsel and glitter and stress.
We run around in circles,
Trying to pick up the gift that is best.
How would it be if we went back
To the night that Jesus was born?
And we witnessed the angels appearing,
Announcing His birth and sounding the horns!
The curious shepherds followed the star,
And found where the sweet baby lay.
The animals watched their visitors that night,
And the baby in the manger of hay.
The magic of that night is different,
Than the kind that we've come to know.
We've lost the true meaning of Christmas,
Born in that stable so long ago.
If only we could go back and bring it with us,
And restore the love born that night,
The true and magical feeling of Christmas,
Would set all of our wandering souls right.
Glory to God in the Highest,
Peace on Earth and Good Will to all men!
Praise God for the gift of the Christ Child,
Who leads us to a life without end.
Written by Karen Bunker
December 10, 2008

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