Each day as I awake
I hear a whisper, softly call
Good morning dearest child
And I wonder all the more
What sweet joy shall be today
As I lay there feeling warm
Loved and so secure
For I know there's nothing planned
'Cept all He says is pure

His hands touch to my heart
As I snuggle in His love
I delight to talk to Him
As He likes me, looking up
I feel His tender smile...
For nothing separates
His love is for me always
So there's nothing else to do
But trust in all He'll say

I'm glad my day is not my own
For He puts it all in place
The moments just unfold His will
The glory of His grace....
I never need to doubt
All that He contemplates
I only need to wait...
And listen, just to hear,
I couldn't be more safe


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

A quiet time, to me, is just an established time
to go to my Source, to the Father, and spend time with Him. It doesn't matter what we've done,
or who we are, or how we've screwed it up,
but we have a Father who likes to spend time with us.
To go before God, to know what I've done and thought
and to expect that He's going to strike me
with a lightning bolt
- but to be hugged instead - creates great astonishment......
We get...so we're not astonished any more.
Steve Brown



Tubes by PixelsByJudy
Image used is by artist John William Waterhouse,
{British 1849-1917}

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