~ I'm From The South ~

I'm from the South in this ole USA,
and you can tell it right away!
We may seem different to you
but our hearts are big and true.

No matter who's around
we still say "yes sir" and "yes mam".
Now, where else can you find
manners of this kind?

On my life's long roams
many a Southern state has been home,
from the mountains on high
to where the bayous lie.

I'm in the deep South now,
and for some reason, I don't know how,
some think me different, not quite the same
'cause Carolina has North in front of it's name!

But here I continue to live,
most things we just forgive.
In the land of gents and belles
is where I'll always dwell.

Southern hearts are just warmer,
here with our fine Indian Summers,
sitting 'round sipping iced tea,
out under an old shade tree.

And in winters fierce and cold
we still have the sun's rays to hold.
And we always have each other,
together, just like sisters and brothers.

For as long as I can stand ...
I'll live in the Southland,
and no matter where I may roam,
in my heart the South will always be home.

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission

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