~ Dear Jesus, I Need Your Guiding Hand ~

Dear Jesus, I need your guiding hand
Help me find my way
Tell me who I am
Sometimes I cannot find myself
I do not know where to go
You created me
So I know you love me so

Dear Jesus I need your helping hand
I sometimes fall
I do not know quite where I stand
You are so gentle
I pray this every night
Please, I know you understand
For you are my guiding light

The world we live in, is what we choose
There are two paths to cross
For us to find our fate
I want to find the road
Where there is peace and love
I do not want the other
That will not lead to heaven above

Dear Jesus, I need your guiding hand
Tell me where the pieces go
So in this life I know
I see a distant star of Your light above
So I may know hope
Given with your love

Linda Ann Henry 2006
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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Painting by Kathryn Fincher

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