~ In His Love ~

I'm safe and secure in the Master's love,
Guarded by Angels from Heaven above.
I'm protected, loved, and blessed every day,
Because I have chosen to live the Master's way.

What an awesome job He's done on me,
Forgiven and blessed, I've been set free,
He lifted my burdens and replaced my frown,
The smile on my face shows I'm Heaven bound.

The song in my heart, I sing all day long,
Praising my Lord, who's forgiven me of all wrong.
This world that I live in, is a temporary place,
My soul will soon feel the Master's embrace.

He's promised me a home in glory land,
And on His solid rock I'll stand.
Jesus is coming back here again,
To lift me out of sorrow and sin.

I'll meet Sweet Jesus up in the air,
Angels will surround Him everywhere.
Halo's shining with lights so bright,
As I journey to Heaven, what a beautiful flight.

The Hallelujah Band is playing it's tune,
They know I'll be arriving there very soon.
A feast on the table prepared by a King,
Keith Whitley is getting ready to sing.

I can't believe all the familiar faces I see,
Every single one, who has gone on before me.
Family and friends gathered at my side,
Because in His Love, we all abide.

Brenda D King ©April 13th, 2005

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