~ An Innocence Lost ~

There was a time, when flowers were our flag
When our friends were a family, and we could brag.
Beads as well as colors, extreme were adorned
Topped off with a crown of hair, of any form.

Ideas of peace were throughout the world, as if a whole
To walk away instead, of punches being thrown.
Hugs were a treasure, that needed to be shared
Believed in a world, where we shouldn't be scared.

Music was there, to pass the messages on
Ideas of the times, were passed out through song.
Free love it was called, there were hippies back then
We were convinced, that the Lord was close at hand.

There was no change, though voices were cast
The feeling of community, did not seem to last
Too many minds altered, by things we did ingest
Forgotten and gone, were the ideals we did invest.

An innocence lost, as greed did show its head
When a culture and drugs, got together in bed.
Gone was the trust, we had in one another
Gone were the people, we called our sister and brother.

I think it's time, that we got back on track
With the Lord's help, maybe we'll get it all back.
Peace in the world, is what's most needed now
Let the voices sing again, strong as well as loud.

Gary Salter 2005

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