~ In Your Dreams ~

You smile so gently while you sleep,
are angels whispering things so sweet?

May they ever guard your precious life,
may you learn well the lessons in strife,

So you will know the tender care
of God, our Father, who's always there.

So great a blessing you are to me,
I'll love you for all eternity.

When my path on earth is ended,
and I've to heaven already ascended,

Always remember how I loved you,
From where I am, I'll be with you too.

Walk your path, my precious child,
travel with wonder down every mile.

Stop, sometimes and think of me,
for I'll love you eternally.

Always do what's right and good,
as you always know you should.

May God hold you in his great hands,
so we can meet in that promised land.

Sleep softly, while the angels sing
sweetly to you in your dreams.


Denise Lanford 2005

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