~ In Your Heart ~

Another morning, to start with my prayer
That the Lord may smile down on every love and friend
May we always be able to feel Him there
For faithful hearts with his touch will mend

Then finally it's time to start the day's chores
I try to sing and dance, if no one can see
Then it doesn't feel like work, just fun and games in store
(Though my children told me how quiet I should be)

As long as He is in my heart, then problems are small
I feel witty and charming, happy He is where He is
If you need any help then, just have to give me a call
As on these good days I bestow all I can give

Too bad that the devil finds his way in first
Making the day feel like nothing is right
Forgetting the love, the heart craves like a thirst
So remember your prayers both morning and night

Some day we will be able to become perfect
When into the Lord's world we will finally enter
Realize now, that He is with you even when it hurts
Hoping that we, His children, will finally remember

We chose our paths that have us so lost
But, it is His holy light that will show us the way
Never forget to thank Him, no matter the cost
Belief and prayer will lead into His garden to stay

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Midi "Classical" 2000 by Lee Croteau


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