~ I See The Moon ~

I see the Moon through the willow tree
It lets me know, God cares for me
He keeps a watchful eye about
God even sees me, when I pout

I never doubt that He is there
Because he can see everywhere
God walks beside me everyday
I know he's there to guide my way

When I am sad, or it's been rough
It's then Jesus holds me, way high up
Or sometimes when my day is bad
Jesus shows me, He's my dad

I see Jesus in the Moon
And I know that He's coming soon!
The stars they twinkle, floating by
Way way up, in the darkened sky

I see the Moon through the Willow Tree
It lets me know God cares for me
When gazing out my window, in the night
I'm always right there, in His sight

Debbie Looney 2005




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