~ I See The Moon ~
At dusk I walk in my garden
I see the moon
The Heaven's appear to be dancing
The air is so very clear.

I sing a song to the beauty of the night
If only I could hold someone tight
The moon looks pink and the stars are as white as snow
I hope this somebody I am holding does not let me go

I hear an orchestra playing somewhere in the night
They seem so close
I start to dance to the music
I see a man in the light of the candles
I close my eyes, and when they open
He is holding me close, in a dance for two.

I see the moon smiling and the world is new
It was meant to happen in a garden for me and you.

Linda Ann Henry  2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet
Such a slender moon, going up and up,
Waxing so fast from night to night,
And swelling like an orange flower-bud, bright,
Fated, me thought, to round as to a golden cup,
And hold to my two lips life's best of wine.
~Jean Ingelow~

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Orchestration & midi prep by MEL WEBB