~ Is God In Uluru ~

Will God be found in twilight's cool
Above Mount Kosciusko
Shall He ski the Snowy mountains
Is He everywhere we go

Will we hear Him by the billabong
Or off the beaten track of Uluru
Will He take us through the sandy desert
Or all the way to Timbuktu


Can He sail with us the river Murray
Or the Great Australian Bight
Across the rugged Tasman gulf
Led by the Southern Cross at night

Will we know His love in Alice Springs
Or at sunset on the beach
Along the golden coast of Queensland
Is He ever out of reach


From within the northern canyons
To each wondrous waterfall
In the dust storms, droughts and fires
God will always softly call

All down under, past the black stump
In the never never that we see
God is here to be adored
Within the heart of you and me


Soft Aussie Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Uluru is the biggest monolith in the world
That means it is the biggest single rock,
a 6-mile hike around the base, it's like a glacier:
only a percentage of Uluru is actually above the ground.

Beautiful link to Australia

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